At Enhance Research, we’re focused on driving actionable insights for our clients.

In 2016 we celebrated 20 years of delivering quality actionable insights for some of Australia’s leading commercial and government organisations.

We believe that research should deliver value through driving tangible business outcomes for our clients. That’s why we approach research challenges with a clear focus on delivering actionability.

We listen to our clients to understand the challenges they are facing. We understand that research is only as valuable as the problem it solves.

Our research approaches are tailored to our clients’ challenges. We deploy a blend of next-generation and traditional research approaches to solve problems.

Our team of passionate, inquisitive researchers have a unique blend of agency, client-side and academic research experience and are driven to deliver actionable insights.

We add value to our clients' businesses through innovative delivery of insights and we employ a range of techniques designed to best inform action-plan development.

We have a strong track record over our 20 year history of partnering with our clients to deliver quality actionable insights.