Our research approaches are designed to drive actionable insights and behaviour change for some of Australia’s leading commercial and government organisations across a number of areas

Understanding and measuring the Customer Experience (CX)

  • Customer Experience research

    • Customer Experience & Journey (Touchpoint) Mapping and tracking

    • Customer Value Measurement (CVM) satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy

    • Advocacy, Promotion and Word of Mouth

  • Cancelled Customer, Churn & Defection research

Branding and Communication

  • Brand strategy, development and tracking research

  • Communications evaluation and development

  • Campaign evaluation

  • Sponsorship research

Social Research, Behaviour Change and Evaluation

  • Formative understanding, strategic design & testing, evaluation

  • Social research

  • Behaviour change

Online Insight Communities

  • Insight communities

Strategic and Tactical Research

  • Product and service development including choice modelling and concept testing

  • Market & customer segmentation studies

  • Pricing and affordability research

  • Usage and attitude research

  • User-based design

  • Community and stakeholder research

  • Social media monitoring and analysis

  • Business to business research